Why Be Thankful?

Why be thankful? I mean everywhere we turn we are bombard with terrible news of death, war, and poverty. The thing I try to remember is that as terrible as those things are its our internal mental environment that really matters in being thankful.

I’ve talked about my own experiences with mental health issues but for those that are new I’ll recap. In October of 2008 my father took his life and afterward I spiraled out of control with alcohol to the point of considering suicide myself. That was in February of 2009. It was at this time I got help. I got sober. I focused on my health.

A result of all that hard work came a person, who on the cusp of death, has eternal gratitude for life.

If you are struggling with mental illness, please know that this world is more special and more unique with you in it. I know that life can sometimes be tough but please, please, please, reach out for the help that you need. It’s okay to not be okay.

I love you and wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings.

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