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Have you ever had that moment when it just all comes together, like Aha! Well this blog is all about my Aha! moment. Hope you enjoy!

Latest from the Blog

Getting Permanent Mexican Residency

Part One – Obtaining The Visa It’s New Years and with that comes reflection. This weekend I have been reflecting on 2022 and the big events that shaped the year. One of those events was getting our Mexican residency. We were speaking with some new friends on New Year’s Eve that also recently went through…

Retirement Income

Have you ever really thought about how you’ll spend your money in retirement? All I’ve ever heard was, ‘Just take 4% of your net worth’ or something along those lines. I recently read this article by Go Curry Cracker about retirement income and whether or not to include a home’s equity. This topic has me…

Why Be Thankful?

Why be thankful? I mean everywhere we turn we are bombard with terrible news of death, war, and poverty. The thing I try to remember is that as terrible as those things are its our internal mental environment that really matters in being thankful. I’ve talked about my own experiences with mental health issues but…

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