Welcome to the Aha! FIRE Blog.

Have you ever had that moment when it just all comes together, like Aha! Well this blog is all about my Aha! moment. Hope you enjoy!

Latest from the Blog

Too Much Change

This year has not gone as I imagined it would but isn’t that life. Honestly if I were given the life I’d imagined 10 years ago, I would have sold myself short. The life I imagined then was a way more basic life than I have today. This doesn’t mean that my life today isContinue reading “Too Much Change”

House Hacking?

I recently blogged about going back to work post-FIRE and mentioned consolidating households. I didn’t realize the strong response I’d get about that. I thought I’d get a stronger reaction to going back to work. Because of the response I thought it appropriate to write a little about us moving in with my mother-in-law. FirstContinue reading “House Hacking?”

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