Welcome to the Aha! FIRE Blog.

Have you ever had that moment when it just all comes together, like Aha! Well this blog is all about my Aha! moment. Hope you enjoy!

Latest from the Blog

Travel Hacking-Airline Tickets

I just purchased our flights for our Camino de Santiago trip in May using travel hacking. I have to admit it was pretty easy. I’ve always seen people posting about how they got these amazing seats for like $200.00 and I always thought they were blowing smoke. But if played correctly they are right. If…

My Way

I talk a lot on this blog about how messy my transition to retirement is. I was really good at following the FIRE principles of saving and investing but at some point I missed the lesson on how to live life after financial independence. I do feel like I’ve made some progress over the last…

Plans Change, That’s Okay.

I was on a Zoom gathering with some other FIRE friends recently when I was reminded that it’s okay to change plans no matter how concrete they felt when written. The reason this struck home is because for the last couple years Jeff and I have struggled to find our path post financial independence. We…

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