March and April Budget Update

The last couple months have been a whirlwind of life just happening. I think it has been a reminder that having contingencies built in can be very helpful. Needless to say both months have been over-budget which many will think is a common occurrence. I would agree with that opinion as well. I’ve said itContinue reading “March and April Budget Update”

Before FIRE, I was a disaster!

I frequently think about what were the thoughts and reasons for pursuing FIRE at 28 years old. Was a wise beyond my years? Was I tired of struggling financially? Did it just make sense? These are questions I’ve asked myself more recently as I’ve gotten closer to financial independence. Honestly I don’t know if IContinue reading “Before FIRE, I was a disaster!”

At FI, Now what?

We hit our financial independence number in April of this year, two years sooner than our original plan. Our original plan was to reach financial independence and retire in March 2023. Like everything in life the only thing that is constant is change. And now our plan is changing. It doesn’t feel real that ifContinue reading “At FI, Now what?”

Gifts of FI Series Part 3: Self-Discovery

As I write these three posts on the gifts of financial independence (FI) I am realizing that each gift is becoming more abstract and more internal. I hadn’t planned it this way but I am discovering that this is my story with FIRE. It’s become more about me and how I interact with money andContinue reading “Gifts of FI Series Part 3: Self-Discovery”

Gifts of FI Series Part 2: Intentional Living

The second gift of financial independence (FI) is the gift of intentional living. This one doesn’t sound as exciting as the first gift of financial freedom but it is. Once you experience this gift first hand you’ll understand what I mean. This gift has been given to me gradually over time and I am inContinue reading “Gifts of FI Series Part 2: Intentional Living”

Gifts of FI Series Part 1: Financial Freedom

I want to introduce you to a new three part series outlining the gifts that pursuing financial independence (FI) has given me so far. These gifts are in constant change so in a way they are gifts that keep giving. They have changed from subtle perks to explosive life changing ideas. I will present themContinue reading “Gifts of FI Series Part 1: Financial Freedom”

Don’t stop before the magic happens… the first $100K!!!

That feeling of excitement at the opportunity to discuss investing, or explaining your budget to someone, or rejoicing with a spouse about your work optional date is passion. And for me that passion has taken over my being. I have become engrossed with the idea of FIRE. I love thinking about how money invested isContinue reading “Don’t stop before the magic happens… the first $100K!!!”

January Budget Recap

I suppose I wouldn’t be a FIRE blogger if I didn’t share the obligatory monthly budget. So I have decided to share my actual numbers not so much to be judged but to give a realistic look into the journey. I personally hate reading blogs that give opinions about budgeting or personal finance but failContinue reading “January Budget Recap”

What is a yearly budget and how can it help?

Discovering the idea of writing a yearly budget was literally my Aha! moment. I had just started budgeting but on a monthly basis a couple months prior. I felt like it was going well when an unexpected annual expense came up and I wasn’t sure how to handle it within the monthly budget. At thisContinue reading “What is a yearly budget and how can it help?”