Plans Change, That’s Okay.

I was on a Zoom gathering with some other FIRE friends recently when I was reminded that it’s okay to change plans no matter how concrete they felt when written. The reason this struck home is because for the last couple years Jeff and I have struggled to find our path post financial independence. WeContinue reading “Plans Change, That’s Okay.”

Our Net Worth

When I started this blog there were questions I had to answer for myself before I could start to write. Questions like why write a blog, what kind of information did I want to talk about technical or emotional, and how personal did I want to get. When it came to how personal did IContinue reading “Our Net Worth”

Am I an Imposter?

Imposter Syndrome may be a popular topic or this may be a topic that people don’t want to talk about but I feel that it’s important to discuss the good and the bad while on the journey to financial independence. I don’t always wanna write about how great retirement is because I don’t wanna giveContinue reading “Am I an Imposter?”

Is reaching FI more about overcoming fear?

Fear has been on my mind lately. I’ve been fearful of actually launching this blog. And that brings us to today. A decision to sit down and write about fear. The best way to overcome it is to face it, Right? I grew up in a sometimes challenging environment that didn’t provide me with theContinue reading “Is reaching FI more about overcoming fear?”