Why Be Thankful?

Why be thankful? I mean everywhere we turn we are bombard with terrible news of death, war, and poverty. The thing I try to remember is that as terrible as those things are its our internal mental environment that really matters in being thankful. I’ve talked about my own experiences with mental health issues butContinue reading “Why Be Thankful?”

Simple But Not Easy

The other day I learned that someone I got sober with several years ago died from an overdose. Though I hadn’t talked to him in years, this came out of the blue and hit me hard. I know the statistic ‘they’ say that nine in ten people won’t stay sober, but damn. It’s made meContinue reading “Simple But Not Easy”

Gifts of FI Series Part 2: Intentional Living

The second gift of financial independence (FI) is the gift of intentional living. This one doesn’t sound as exciting as the first gift of financial freedom but it is. Once you experience this gift first hand you’ll understand what I mean. This gift has been given to me gradually over time and I am inContinue reading “Gifts of FI Series Part 2: Intentional Living”