Too Much Change

This year has not gone as I imagined it would but isn’t that life. Honestly if I were given the life I’d imagined 10 years ago, I would have sold myself short. The life I imagined then was a way more basic life than I have today. This doesn’t mean that my life today is easy. Let me tell you about the last month.

Some of you know I retired in February only to unretire in July. In the last month and half or so, I have made a lot of changes. Changes that are good in the long-term but were probably too much in the short term. I took a new job, moved to a new town, moved in with my mother-in-law, and did this all while living separately from my husband. Don’t worry, he is moving up here permanently this coming week.

I didn’t realize the stress of so many changes. But my body did. Two weeks into this new living arrangement I had a health scare. On a Sunday morning with no warning I had what the hospital told me was a TIA or commonly called a mini stroke. This sent me into a panic about what to do next and whether it would happen again. Luckily I got into a neurologist’s office a couple days later and at that first meeting she didn’t add any comfort by telling me it could have been a TIA or covid-induced MS. Neither of which I wanted to hear.

After many tests including CT scans and MRI’s it was determined that I was suffering from migraines. I’d never had a migraine before so I wasn’t familiar with the symptoms. But every doctor I visited over the last month has asked me if I was stressed. And I answered enthusiastically “Yes, I am very stressed.”

Literally I am writing this on the one month anniversary of my health scare and I am happy to report I am feeling much better. The more good days I string together the more confidence I am feeling that it is behind me. I am still taking medicine that I hope to finish in a week and I pray that the migraines are over for now.

My lesson from all of this is to make changes more slowly. Now that I know it was stress that my body didn’t like I am trying to slow down. I am making sure I get all the sleep I need. I am limiting the unnecessary trips back to our old house. Trying to stay grounded and build a healthy routine in my new home. I am not planning on any additional changes the rest of this year. I am allowing myself the rest and then I will examen if the new job is worth it and also make a decision on what to do with our old house.

But for now I am just taking it slowly. One day at a time.

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