Making a come back!

I launched this blog a year ago with the hopes of sharing my experience with Financial Independence and Retiring Early (FIRE) with the world. I still have those hopes today but I quit this blog about seven months ago. See I have aways been quick to react and in some cases that has saved me from physical and emotional harm but for the blog it was a quick reaction. As the year progressed my corporate job became more demanding from being short staffed and an increase in volume due to the world getting back to normal-ish. As a result I wasn’t able to maintain the self imposed schedule for my posts and I began to fall behind.

So I quit…

I quit blogging and not just quit writing posts. I literally deleted my social media and canceled the renewal on my domain. I was done. Over the year a reoccurring thought kept popping into my head about what if all the people who had helped me just quit. Where would I be? Then WordPress sent me an email about my blog so I decided to check it out because I was curious about if it still existed. And it did! I didn’t realize that the blog would still exist as a free site. Therefore the seed was planted as to whether I should resume writing or let it go.

Here I am writing…

As I sit here writing this post I am reminded that when I first started on the journey in 2010 the FIRE community looked a lot different from today. In fact, I see many blogs and influencers from the LGBT+ community that didn’t exist that long ago. I see POC and women owning this space and killing it. It gives me hope and inspires me to put myself back out there.

What’s different this time?

This time around I am not holding myself to a stupid schedule, I refuse to put that pressure on myself again. Currently I am not going to engage in social media because I am afraid of the peer pressure to perform and I don’t have the time to dedicate to active engagement. This may change after I retire and I have the time. And finally I will write for fun. This blog has always been about sharing my experience and never about treating it like a corporate job. I don’t have metrics that need to be met nor do I have a boss that needs to be happy. I need to be happy and helpful, then this blog will a success. So here is to my future, cheers!

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