February Budget Recap

Welcome back everyone! February feels like it was so long along but better late than never. We came in over budget for February mostly because I got a new toy. I bought a Sony camera to explore new hobbies and possibly a new side hustle. The other category we went way over on is home repair. This was because we moved into a new home so some of that is improvements to the new home and some for the old home to prepare it for market. Overall the spending was not that bad and I am considering it a success. Here are the actual February numbers:

It’s funny how you can feel like you have massively overspent but then come in on or near budget. While other times you can feel like you got this but then blow the budget out of the water. For February I felt like we massively blew the budget but after reviewing it I feel like we did pretty well for a month that we moved during. I am no longer hard on myself when I overspend because I know that life happens and my budget is just a guide. Instead I use it as a review to determine if something needs my attention or if the household is running smoothly and so far it’s looking good.

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