Why another FIRE blog and who am I?

Why not another FIRE blog!?!? I decided to launch this blog as a way to give back to the community that over the years has provided so much wisdom and encouragement. Over the years I have watched the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) community change from just, Dave Ramsey to MMM, to now hundreds of various FIRE bloggers. The one thing that this has taught me is that the more people sharing the stronger the community becomes. I personally want to see more people embrace this life and experience the freedom from financial insecurity.

I am Josh and along with my husband Jeff we joined this community around 2011 with no clue but a desire to live free. We have made all the mistakes others before us have warned about but we have always got back on the tracks and are continuing on. I dabbled in creating a monthly budget but couldn’t seem to engage with it and then the Fall of 2019 I stumbled upon a blog post about creating a yearly budget to guide our monthly budget. At the time I’d never heard of that but I’m sure it existed. But this simple idea was my Aha! moment and the inspiration for this blog. I finally began to feel like I’d had an experience to share with others. We still don’t do it perfectly but not one single person does. This is our journey to travel as fast or as slow as we wish. Just like you will create you own unique path.

So this blog will be a look into our past, present, and future experiences on this FIRE journey. My hope is that you will have an Aha! moment as well and will be encouraged to give back either by sharing your knowledge with another person or launching your own blog to share with the world. Remember to take it easy and enjoy journey.

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